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Museum Puri Lukisan
Ubud's First Museum

When the high quality of Balinese art became worldly recognized, more and more Balinese artworks disappeared to other parts of Indonesia and foreign countries. Thus, the fear among the Balinese people, and also Rudolf Bonnet (a Dutch painter, 1895-1978), raised that the most precious art would be lost forever and would never come back to its origin.
Another need among the artists was to improve their skills without losing their own identity as Balinese artists.

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Ubud Palace
Tjampuhan in Ubud

Historically, the Balinese village of Ubud can trace its roots to as far back as the 8th century. It is documented on ancient palm leaf scripts that a revered holy man from India by the name of Rsi Markaneya embarked on a spiritual journey across Java and eventually came to the island of Bali to spread the teachings of Hinduism.
It was on his travels that he received a divine revelation that in Bali he was to bury five precious metals on a mountain slope where the mother temple of Besakih now stands today. This place was Tjampuhan in Ubud at a junction in the Wos River and it was here that he felt compelled to build a temple by the name of Pura Gunung Lebah.

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The Royal Pita Maha
Royal Luxury

Blessed with uninterrupted views of tropical greenery, The Royal Pita Maha embraces a spiritually charged parcel of landscape in rural Ubud on the island of Bali. This luxury resort has been built with rare sensitivity towards the surrounding environment in an area that descends down to the banks of the Ayung River.
Designed to celebrate the traditions, art and culture of Bali, the resort features a collection of private pool villas and supporting facilities overlooking the timeless beauty of the Ayung River. The Royal Pita Maha is a sanctuary for travellers seeking to recharge the body, mind and spirit in the Balinese village of Ubud.

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Pita Maha Resort & Spa
Boutique Privacy

Pita Maha Resort & Spa opened in 1995 to commemorate the birth of this artistic force and to keep alive its original philosophy. It was designed by a member of Ubud's royal family as an organic Balinese village. A total of 24 villas are set within traditional walled compounds to provide the ultimate in comfort and privacy.
Each villa is luxuriously appointed, with air-conditioning, satellite TV, private bar and other modern conveniences. The standard of workmanship, in wood and stone, benefits that of the most ancient and powerful Balinese palaces, with carefully tended gardens and an eye for detail that will delight the most discerning guest.

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Hotel Tjampuhan Spa
Legendary since 1928

Hotel Tjampuhan & Spa has been a legendary hotel in Ubud since 1928. As a royal guesthouse, it inspired numerous foreign artists, including German painter Walter Spies. This Bali hotel also provided a tranquil environment for visiting celebrities long before the days of tourism.
Today, this legendary hotel in Ubud encompasses a collection of traditionally styled bungalows, guestrooms and the original home of Walter Spies in a timeless landscape of natural beauty. Hotel Tjampuhan & Spa is a tribute to Ubud’s artistic heritage and the spirit of Balinese hospitality.

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Pita Maha Tjampuhan Dining
Dining Options in Ubud

Superb wining and dining options at The Royal Pita Maha tantalize taste buds with menus of regional cuisine and international specialties. Dewata Lounge is all about Balinese elegance. There is also cuisine from around the globe served in the uplifting ambience of Ayung Valley Restaurant.
Pita Maha Resort & Spa anticipates the culinary needs of in-house guests with a choice of dining options. Terrace Restaurant is a stunning setting spread across two levels and caters to all taste preferences with an exceptional menu of local Balinese and international cuisine.Light bites and refreshments are served throughout the day in the social ambience of The Lounge.

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Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness
A Sanctuary for Sensory Indulgence

A busy lifestyle depletes the senses without you even being aware of it. In order to replenish depleted energy levels and restore balance, it is important to surround yourself with the simple offerings that Mother Nature has to offer.
The timeless beauty of Ubud on the spiritually charged island of Bali is ideal for communing with nature. It is the perfect place to reconnect with your inner self by releasing the body and mind from the pressures of modern living.

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Pita Maha Experience
Activities in Ubud

You may select our resorts' various activities, spa and dining options to book direct at The Royal Pita Maha, Pita Maha Resort & Spa, Hotel Tjampuhan Spa, or Royal Kirana Spa & Wellness of Pita Maha Tjampuhan -Hotels, Resorts & Spa in Ubud.

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Ayung Garden Restaurant
at The Royal Pita Maha

Cocooned by lush valley greenery, Ayung Garden Restaurant is a charming dining pavilion located at the edge of Ubud’s picturesque Ayung River. It is adjacent to a man-made lagoon in a tropical landscape that incorporates mature trees and organically grown fruit and vegetables. 
An eco-friendly design concept connects Ayung Garden Restaurant to the timeless beauty of nature. With no outer walls, it embraces the outdoors and is kept cool by a cross-ventilation system that harnesses the soft caress of river breeze. 

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